In March, Secretary Clinton gave a major speech on everything at stake in 2016 as it relates to the Supreme Court. She laid out a serious argument using past and future SCOTUS cases to make it feel like a real and urgent threat. I worked with our design team to succinctly and simply show the number of issues at stake

Speech excerpt:

In short: In a single term, the Supreme Court could demolish pillars of the progressive movement. And as someone who has worked on every single one of these issues for decades, I see this as a make-or-break moment. If you care about the fairness of elections, the future of unions, racial disparities in universities, the rights of women, or the future of our planet, you should care about who wins the presidency and appoints the next Supreme Court justices.
— Hillary Clinton // March 28, 2016

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Speech excerpt:

At our best, America has united behind the ideal that everyone deserves a fair shot, no matter who we are or where we started out. And at its best, the Supreme Court has defended that ideal.

Like in 1954, when the court abolished segregation in our schools.

Or 1973, when it ruled that women have the right to make intimate health decisions for ourselves.

Or 1977, when the court paved the way for public sector unions.

Or 1982, when it ruled that undocumented children had the right to go to school.

Or just last year, when the court ruled that marriage equality was the law of the land.
— Hillary Clinton // March 28, 2016

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As Secretary Clinton ended the speech by highlighting cases that showed the supreme court at its best, we decided to literally highlight key lines from those historic decisions using screenshots pulled directly from them.